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When making a booking for your appointment or training courses, you will be asked to place a deposit. This deposit will be applied to your total fee that is due the same day of your appointment or your first day of training. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.


  • No coffee or other stimulants 

  • No Alcohol or other blood thinners 

  • No make-up or moisturiser for lash & brow services. Clean lashes promote greater retention.

  • Contact lenses must be removed prior to your appointment

  • If you have any questions concerning medical conditions please consult your doctor before scheduling your appointment 

  • If you have a viral infection or disease do not book in or show up.

  • Please do not bring an extra person or your child due to the professional environment and they will act as a disturbance to artists/trainees and other clients. 


  • You are under the age of 18 y.o  (We accept confirmation from a adult or guardian)

  • You are pregnant or nursing (Let us know if you still wish to proceed)

  • You are taking blood thinning medications 

  • You have viral infections or diseases 


Any appointments cancelled within less than 24 HOURS of the appointment date will not be able to TRANSFER DEPOSIT to a later date and deposits will be forfeited. Same day CANCELLATIONS or NO SHOW will also FORFEIT ALL DEPOSITS and depending on the severity of the situation may NOT BE ABLE TO BOOK FUTURE APPOINTMENTS. Please understand that our artists/trainees are very busy. We have set aside time for your appointment and without proper notice we will not be able to find a replacement for your appointment time. 


Rescheduling appointments will only be possible if the artist is given at least 24 HOURS NOTICE prior to your scheduled appointment. Due to limited appointment availability, we may not be able to reschedule your appointment until a much later date. Promotional rates may change if you reschedule your appointment to a later date. If you are rescheduling LESS THAN 24 HOURS of your appointment date you will NOT be able to transfer your deposit to a later date and deposits will be forfeited. A new deposit will need to be made when rescheduling a future appointment if it is made LESS THAN 24 HOURS of your scheduled appointment. 



Appointments will be CANCELLED and no refunds will be given if the client is more than 15 minutes late to their appointment. Artist/Trainees take multiple clients a day and need the full amount of time for each appointment. You may schedule a new appointment, but will need to place another deposit.


ABT products and all third party products sold through our site are intended only for professionals who have undertaken the appropriate training in the relevant fields.  Under no circumstances should our products be used on yourself.  Once purchased, ABT accepts no responsibility for the misuse of any products.  Anyone purchasing products from this site should know how to use the products including health and safety procedures.  By purchasing this product you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the above disclaimer.

All our products sold on our site have undergone thorough testing and inspection to meet quality standards before beeing sent off.  Therefore we do not offer exchange, returns or refunds of purchases.


All our products sold on our site have undergone thorough testing and inspection to meet quality standards before beeing sent off.  Please choose carefully as we do not offer exchange, returns or refunds on purchases.

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