WARNING - It is not advised you remove your lashes yourself.

ABT Gel remover is made of high-quality ingredients and removes eyelash extensions quickly and with ease. It works even on those tough-to-remove lashes that were installed incorrectly!  Gel consistency stays in place and is easy to control to protect your client’s comfort.


  • Directions:

    Set up client with eye-pads.

    Using a cotton swab, apply generously to extension bonds, avoiding contact with skin.

    After 90-120 seconds, start scraping lashes off the natural lash with straight tweezers.

    Cleanse lashes with Clarity PRO Foaming Lash Cleanser.

    Perform a Water Scrub to Rinse.

  • Must-have product for every eyelash technician
  • Made in Korea


***IMPORTANT*** FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY – under no circumstances should you attempt to apply this remover on your own eyelashes. Always perform a patch test on new clients to ensure no reaction occurs.

Eyelash Remover - Gel


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