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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Cat Eye style created by our students at ABT

What is Lash Mapping?

Lash mapping is a technique used to create symmetry for both eyes by mapping out the desired lengths and curls in each section to create a set that complements a client's features and eye shape. Generally, you would analyze the client's eye shape and discuss the styling with your client based on the information given during the consultation.

It is so important to plan and map out the set prior to commencing. And just like a game of football, having a systematic approach can help you apply the right density and dimension to your client's lashes, hence keeping the natural lashes in optimal state whilst enhancing those beautiful features.

Reasons You Should Lash Map

Lash mapping not only helps you to create symmetry, but it also allows you to keep everything clear when working with layers.

It also helps you know what type of eyelash you are working with between eyes, especially when client's have different eye shapes and you need to map both eyes differently.

Nothing is worse than a client opening their eyes to see one eye longer than the other or that one eye looks thicker than the other.

Lash mapping also helps you save some time by letting you create the perfect range of eyelash extensions in less time and refer back to your lash map time and again.

With proper lash mapping, you can achieve a wide range of extension styles that suit your client's eyes and features.

How to Lash Map

It's important to understand that there are numerous styles and techniques you can use to create a lash map. Eg. Dolly, Cat Eye, Squirrel (Natural etc...)

Therefore, the length of the extensions you use should be according to the client's eye shape and natural eyelash length, thickness, and lash health.

Here's are some tips to help you:

  • Sometimes adding too many extensions onto the natural lash can cause premature fallout and other damage.

  • Use your lash pad to design defined zones which will help you map different lengths to achieve the perfect look for your client.

  • Use a marker and mark the centre of your client's pupil. This will give you a rough idea where the centre of the client's eyes when it is closed.

  • Have the client sitting up and looking straight ahead before you mark the centre.

Note: Dotting the centre is done because when the eyes are shut, you will notice the dot you have marked has moved closer to the inner corner.

  • Once the client lays down, use the taping method you would to lash the inner corner. Then map out the desired look, ensuring the dot is in the middle.

Top 3 Popular Lash Maps

Cat Eye - This style is the most requested by clients because of the sexy appeal it creates.

This style is perfect for client's with large and round eyes as this will soften it's appearance.

Client's with close-set eyes would also benefit from this style as it creates an illusion as the eyes are further out.

However, this style is NOT for client's that have down-turn eyes or have natural lashes growing in a downward direction as it will create a "sad eye" look or the lashes will droop downwards.

Dolly - This style is perfect for creating an open eye effect.⁣ Any one with small eyes will make them appear larger and more rounded.

However, it is NOT recommended for clients that already have large protruding eyes as this can enhance those qualities further.

Squirrel (Natural) - This map is perfect for lifting up the outer corner lashes which are growing downwards or if the natural lashes are very short to handle a Cat Eye, you can also use this map.

If client's eyes are downturned or eyes that have a large gap between the lash line and the arch of the eyebrows, this style would be perfect to incorporate it with a longer length for the upper arch area.

A close-set of eyes will also look great with this map to create the appearance of extra space and the illusion of the eyes being further apart than they really are.


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