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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

In this modern world with the Eyelash Extension industry booming, there can be a lot to learn. One of them being lash tweezers. Which do I buy? Which pair of tweezers should I use? What do the shapes all mean? I get asked these questions a lot. And today I will run through tips to help you choose the right set of tweezers for you to use. Having the right set of tweezers is crucial for easy and effective application, especially when doing Volume lashes. As technicians, our main goal is to apply beautiful set of lashes on our clients that walk through our doors. So here are several factors to consider when deciding which pair is right for you. TENSION: Select tweezers that are soft to grip yet firm enough to pick up the individual lashes. Tweezers that are too hard to close will inevitably put a strain to your hands and will start causing you problems after long term use. Make sure you are not putting too much pressure and exerting too much energy when closing it. POINTS: The tips of your tweezers should come to a perfect point with no gaps. This will help you separate individual lashes with precision. I'm sure we've all had sharp tweezer injuries, but despite the pain that is actually a good thing. Sharp and precise tweezers will give you more control. GAPS: When selecting volume tweezers, there should be no gaps on the tips where the sweet spot of the tweezers are located. This will ensure no lashes will slip out when you are creating your fans and placing them on the natural lash. LENGTH & STYLE: Generally you should be using 2 sets of tweezers in eyelash extensions. One pair for isolation and the other pair to apply the extensions. Straight tweezers are used to isolate the natural lashes. Some even prefer the hooked shape for isolation and for applying classic lashes. When applying volume lashes, I recommend using either the boot shape or the L shape tweezers to create the fans and applying them to the natural lashes. These 2 styles allow you to grab the fans parallel to the strip for more control. And as for lengths, tweezers come in various lengths to suit the size of your hands. There is no wrong or right way when choosing a set of tweezers as they come down to personal preferences. Only you can decide what's right for you. Always test the tweezers yourself before purchasing them. At www.annailsbeautytraining.com all tweezers are hand tested to ensure maximum quality. However, I do advise you to test them out yourself if you ever drop in. I hope these tips will help you in deciding the perfect set of tweezers for you.

ABT Lash Tweezers

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